How To Prepare For The Wedding Speeches

You might not think anything of it, but being asked to give a wedding speech is a really big deal; at least it is for the groom/bride and anyone else still sober enough to take notice. Visit our website and Kent wedding photographers Lovepear will confirm that photographers are bound by professional courtesy laws to stay lucid throughout the wedding ceremony, and late into the evening. What this means is that wedding photographers often see and hear the best and worst speeches time and time again.

Wedding photographers have seen people rumble on and on about the marrying couple's past love encounters; about how the bride had a bad case of eczema just two years ago and how the groom was never any good at football. All in all, just terrible speeches that drove most of the guest list into unwelcome slumber.

Understand that different people have different comfort-ability levels with public speaking. But if you are asked to give a wedding speech, there are some simple tricks that will help you to avoid driving people into a murderous rage:

1. Prepare. Do not hope to get inspired on the spot

This is something most people do; they get up and hope that something will come to them. After a few drinks, the only thing that ever comes to anyone is either embarrassing, or poorly coordinated. Prepare for your wedding speech. Take time and actually write something down, then go through it while putting yourself in everyone elses' shoes. How does it sound when you say it out loud?

2. Try and be a little funny

Humour will get people to listen to you. Especially if you start your speech on a lighter note. Just remember, no x-rated jokes. People's grandparents and children are here. Make the jokes family friendly and everyone will be in sync with what you are saying.

3. Go deep

It's a wedding. You would be remised if you do not at the very least deep your toes in the love pond. Talk about how beautiful this union is, and how good for one another the bride and groom are. Simply let everyone see that this was meant to be.

4. Make it short

No one came here to listen to you drone on and on for two days. Make your speech short and sweet. If you can keep it under 5 minutes, everyone will have a toast in your honour.




As wedding photographers in Kent can tell you, giving the speech is an important ask, So from a Kent wedding photography stance, include some emotion and be animated - if you look uninterested and shy, the photography will quickly be dull and uninteresting from this memorable part of the day.